A lot of people don’t understand that Michael Jackson is also my escape from stress. I need his music to get my mind off things and to be free. I don’t know what I’d be if I didn’t have his music as a blanket. He’s much more important to me than people around me think.

When Michael laughs at the end of The Girl Is Mine and says, “Paul, I think I told ya! I’m a lover not a fighter!”

Asdfghjkl; cuteness

Every night I put my cat to bed in our basement. I give her a bowl of food and then pet her to sleep on her pile of blankets bed. Finally, I come back upstairs and close the door so she doesn’t wake up and then wander the house making noise.

Every morning it’s my mom’s job to open the basement door and wake her up for the day. Well this morning I got to do so due to an appointment before school today. This was my first time in a longgg time so when I.opened the door, she came up the steps and her eyes were glued shut little slits because it was bright upstairs!!

Her face looks all bright, happy and well rested and her eyes were still sleeping!! It was the cutest thing that I squeaked and kissed her right between her eyes on the bridge of her nose! If you guys saw her, it would’ve melted your heart! She was so proud to be awake but she was walking with her eyes closed! =^_^=

Not knowing how stressful the next day of school will be makes me full of anxiety 

School is stressful for smart people too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

I want to _____ you.








reblog and see what your followers say




I was just reblogging for the above post I didn’t think I’d get any



I won’t get any but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing





last time was fun

Doubt I’ll get any tbh 😂

I seriously want some. Be honest. Really!

Anonymous asked:

why do you uplift the black race more than your own? can you please explain it please, this is not hate btw.

Because I believe the black culture is amazing. It’s original, unique, trend setting, beautiful. Not only for fashion and style but the gorgeous tone in black singers and for many African Cultures and traditions. There’s also many black inventors and professors we need to thank for advancing our education.

I believe the black culture is very under-rated and is stereotyped extremely often. Not every black man or women is like what is portrayed on TV or though the media. I have many wonderful black friends and I love them all for who they are. I am greatly for the advancement of black culture and believe in equal privileges.

The only time I will judge someone with black skin is to judge how perfect they are (which is usually a 10)

: )

Anyone else love the smell of a freshly blown out candle’s smoke? It’s not a fire smoke, but a lovely smoke.

True conversation

  • Friend: If I start saving now, next year I will have enough money to buy my cosplay suit.
  • Me: I'm afraid to know how much it is!
  • Friend: A little over $1000. It's a lot but it'll make me extremely happy because I'll finally have all the cosplay for a specific super hero group!
  • Me: Suit yourself
  • Me: *bu dum tss*