Thank you! Umm, when something like this happens, you want those who are very dear to you up here with ya. I’d like to ask for my sister La Toya and Janet; please come up! (La Toya walks up) My sister Janet as well come up! (Janet walks up) First of all, I’d like to thank God (audience member yells what seems to be heard as “You’re God!” but Michael heard “La Toya!” and points to La Toya behind him) Rebbie I’d like to have you up here as well you know! Also I’d like to thank my mother and father who were with us all the way. I mean my mother’s very shy, she’s like me; she won’t come up! (Michael laughs with the audience and Rebbie finally walks up) I have three sisters! Also I’d like to thank all my brothers who I love very dearly, all of em including Jermaine! (Michael and his sisters point to their brothers while the audience laughs at the small joke)

Michael Jackson 1984 Grammy award speech